Thursday, August 12, 2010

Visit from Papa Gray

Dustin's father is in town for some business and a check up on the restoration of ThunderPig. The kids were excited to see "Papa Gray".

We got a cupcake cake to celebrate - Zach loved it of course.....we actually had him ready for bed and should have seen that the red ladybug frosting would end up all over his face! I guess we couldn't skip bath time tonight!

Papa Gray also gave Zachary a gift! Since he is retired military he has some "connections"...he was able to get army fatigues for the older grandsons. Apparently the pattern of these army fatigues are brand spanking new to our military! We wanted Zach to try it on for size and he was NOT happy about it. I guess it was just a bit too hot for long pants and a long sleeve jacket. He just kept this pout frown on his face and WOULD NOT let you put the hat on his head....see....

But doesn't he look stinking cute?! Maybe we can convince Zach to be an army solider for Halloween this year!

Papa Gray also came with gifts for the parents (us)!! He watched the kids so we could go on a DATE! Wahooooo! Jen decided we were going bowling. Two games - Dustin won the first (by 30), Jen won the second (by 2).

Of course we had to hit up McDonald's playland too.....Zach and Papa Gray were dunking basketballs.

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