Friday, August 20, 2010

When you aren't welcome in our house....

Zach: Mom - a bird! A bird....a bird....

Jen: Huh? Why are you crouched on the ground to see a bird under our kitchen table? [Jen gets on her hands and knees to see the "bird"]....damn...that isn't a bird.

[Jen runs to get the camera...meanwhile the "bird" moves]

[camera obtained and picture taken]

Jen: Zach that isn't a bird...that is a spider.

Zach: A spider! Dad....a spider a spider!

Dustin: Uh - I am holding Logan so I can't kill the spider [big smile on his face]

Jen: Figures. How come all we ever find are wolf spiders? Pest control just sprayed inside the house two weeks ago. How come this spider is living?

[side note - we both HATE SPIDERS!]

[Jen heads to the garage to get the Ortho Home Defense MAX spray, and takes Zach with her because she doesn't want Zach to go near the spider]

Jen: Zach stand is gonna spray poison on the spider to kill it.

Zach: Huh?

Jen: Just stand behind me.

Zach: Okay.

[spray....spray spray spray...spray]

Jen: Dang is heading for the cat water.

Jen: Dustin how long does it normally take the poison to kill the spider?

Dustin: Less than a minute [still has a smile on his face]

Jen: Oh, oh....I think it is working...not all his legs are moving. Zach - see the spider is dying.

Zach: Oh! Ewwwwwwww - SPIDER!

[few seconds later]

Jen: Zach lets make sure he is dead...can you go get Daddy's shoe?

Zach: [runs over to Dustin] Dad - need your shoe....[pulls the shoe off Dustin's foot and runs it back to Jen in the kitchen] Here mom.

Jen: Thanks.....[SMACK!]

Jen: Yup he is dead.

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