Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The host is victimized?

I think I have been robbed. Robbed from my own home - during our 4th of July party with all 60 guest around.

I could be wrong....but all I know is my 6 month old iphone4 is missing. I realized about 11pm on the 4th of July (after everyone left our house party) that it wasn't on the counter I thought I left it. I called it, thinking I misplaced it - but it went straight to voicemail. That is when I started to panic. I NEVER turn my cell phone off and it had been fully charged earlier in the day. I checked my account usage online, the last time my phone received "data" was 10:18pm. Our house guests were all outside watching the Thanksgiving Point Fireworks show from 10-10:30pm. Did someone sneak inside and take it while everyone was distracted watching fireworks? Ironic for someone to just take my phone. My phone was sitting right next to a PSP - that did not get taken.

What do you do?

Iphones have the locate me function, but it only works if the phone is turned on (and mine wasn't apparently). When I talked to an AT&T store employee they said if someone takes out my SIM card while the phone is off it is no longer trackable. Bummer.

I don't have the $$ for a new iphone4 - I just blew it all on hosting a massive 4th of July party for 60+ people! Guess I am stuck with my old iphone 3G (yes, the slow one) for a bit of time :(

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