Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Logan's 18 month check up

Yup - it is official! Logan is 18 months old! We had his pediatricians visit today and here were his stats:

Height = 33.25 inches; 50th percentile
Weight = 25.6 pounds; 50th percentile
Head Circumference = 48.75cm; 75th percentile

The Gray boys in this household continue the tradition of having larger heads :) Here are some other interesting facts about Logan:

Clothes Size: 18-24 months
Shoe Size: toddler 6
Diaper Size: 4 in Huggies
Number of teeth: 7
# of hours he sleeps at night: 10
# of naps a day: 1 (2-3 hours long)
Latest Injury: tumbled down the garage cement steps scraped the top of his face at the hairline at 17 months.
Talking: Kind of......he is definitely trying. He likes the word "dadda" and "ball" the most.
If Logan was in charge what would be his typical day in our house: Up early at 6:30am. Raid the fridge for some yogurts. Eat the yogurts and make the biggest mess possible. Hit my his toy box and play with everything Zach normally doesn't let him play with. Raid the Ziploc bag drawer. Snack time - goldfish and milk. Chase Sammie our cat around the house, finally corner her and pet her nicely until she starts to relax, then squeeze and pull her tail as hard has he can. Start crying because Sammie hits back at him. Cuddle time with Mom. Lunch - PB&J is his favorite. Makes a big mess too. Clean up and then swimming pool time. Mr. Logan with no fear jumps in and out of the pool and tries to swim on his own. When he is done he likes to cuddle up in his towel and sit on the lounge chairs at the pool and watch everyone else swim. Then it is time for a wagon ride around the neighborhood. Once home it is our daily LONG nap. When he wakes up almost three hours later it is time for more snacks, more toy playing, more outside time in the sandbox. Then McDonald's for dinner and playtime in the toddler play area. Back at home a long bath and then time for bed!

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