Friday, July 15, 2011

White Trash Night

Tonight was white trash night. We didn't plan on it being white trash night....that is just how things played out. It was a long week of work and the kids wanted to play outside when we got home from work. So we pulled up some lawn chairs in the driveway and let the kids play. We got supper comfortable. There was NO WAY we were cooking dinner. So Domino's pizza was ordered. The kids played in the front yard and garage.....we dug up the cheese balls....

At this point I think the neighbors started noticing. In fact the Finlayson's join our white trash night! Haley and Zach are the same age (Haley is actually 2 days older than Zach). She brought over her pink princess chair and put next to Zach's yellow Spongebob chair and Logan's red Cars chair. We continued to each cheese balls until the Domino's delivery man arrived.

We dined on pizza and diet coke - all of us!

Scott and Natalie one up'd us with some homemade steak quesadillas. Poor Sidney wasn't feeling good and just wanted to be held.

It was fun to listen to the conversations between Zach and Haley. Here was my favorite:

Zach: I like our dad's truck. Do you like my dad's truck?
Haley: Yeah.

Zach also let Haley drive his "bike". Zach doesn't even let Logan ride his "bike"...hmmm. The power of women, eh?
We stayed out on the driveway until bedtime!

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