Monday, October 29, 2012

Fishing and Chicken Dinner

Some of our neighbors were telling us about a fishing pond close to where we lived - we decided to met up there tonight after work for a KFC dinner and fishing!  We've never taken the kids fishing before so we thought it would be fun.  We knew we only had about one hour of sunlight before it would start to get dark.  It was taking Dustin a while to get the fishing poles all set up, but that didn't bother the kids....there were plenty of these ducks to entertain us!

Our neighbors were smart and brought some bread for the kids to feed the ducks.

Logan had fun chasing the ducks all around!

The boys checking out the fishing pole and other cool stuff dad brought along...

Zach taking a stab at fishing...

Dinner time!  KFC hit the spot!

So in the one hour of sunlight that we had it was probably spent - 15 minutes of ducks, 10 minutes of fishing, 20 minutes of eating and the rest of the time at the playground.  We will have to hit up this location during early summer next year.....maybe we will have better luck catching a fish!

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