Saturday, October 20, 2012

Maybey's Pumpkin Patch

With Glen in town visiting we decided to hit up Maybey's pumpkin patch today. We've been to this pumpkin patch the last few years and always loved it. It is a patch of land that a family owns tucked away in the city of South Jordan. They growth several varieties of pumpkins and then sell them during the month of October.

We had already picked up a few pumpkins from the grocery store and Cornbelly's prior to the visit to Maybey's - so we really didn't have any pre set number of pumpkins we intended to buy...we just decided to go and see what they had.

The kids loved that there were carts they could use to put their pumpkins in.  Zach picked a yellow one, and was quite adamant that he was driving it through the fields to get pumpkins.

Logan started the trip out by riding in the wagon that Glen picked up for pumpkins....

Oh, watch out for the pumpkins crazy cart driver Zach!

Along the way, Logan stumbled upon this very small blue cart - it was all his!

Logan helping Jen pick out a different looking pumpkin...

I love this picture....Logan ditched his blue cart at one point to help Jen pick out some pumpkins.  Zach wouldn't have anything to do with that...he carried the little blue cart across the pumpkin field to give it back to Logan.  Big brother made sure little brother had a cart for pumpkins.

Logan hauling pumpkins...

Glen with two of his grandson's!

So...we did get a bit carried away with picking out pumpkins at Maybey's.  We brought home a total of NINE more pumpkins!  Jen fell in love with all the different varieties they had and decided to get them and use them for decorations during Halloween and Thanksgiving.

...and yes, they are all on our front porch!

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