Friday, October 19, 2012

Gardner Village

Gardner Village always decorates up for Halloween each year. They have "witches" they strategically place all throughout the site. We decided to head up there tonight with some of our neighbors and all the kids to check it out.

Zach, Sydney, Hallie and Logan - this was taken right after we arrived...can you tell we were in for a fun evening?!?

The kids liked this witch the best....she was in the bathroom!

We stumbled upon a few different face painters.  Zach decided he wanted his face painted as Batman.

Logan saw what Zach was having done and of course had to join the fun as well!  He choose Spiderman.

Our two super heros!

Um, yeah....I think we will throw around some hay.

Attempting another group shot, this time with a witch on a bench.

Logan scored a shoulder ride from his Dad near the end of the night....he was quite pleased!

We had fun.  I don't think we had ever been to Gardner Village before.  It is more of a girls shopping event type of place - but it was cute to rope the boys into going and hunting down some witches!

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