Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Donuts

There is a new donut place that has rolled into town - Station 13.  They say they do donuts "Texas style".  We've had them at work a few times and they reminded Jen of a bakery she used to go to as a kid.  So this morning when the kids decided to get up at 7am....Jen decided it was time to pack up the kids and pick up some donuts at Station 13!

The kids walked into the store and surveyed all the donuts.  They had normal sized donuts and the "Texas sized" donuts.  Logan walked over to the "Texas sized" sprinkle donut and said that was what he wanted.  I showed him the normal sprinkle donut and he said that was okay too (I love that this kid can be easy going).  We picked a donut out for everyone and headed back home.

The kids must have been really excited to eat the donut, because when we got out of the car at home they RAN to the kitchen table and sat down and waited patiently for the donut to be put on a plate for them.

Zach picked a chocolate spider web donut - complete with a plastic spider ring!

Logan wanted the sprinkle donut.

The kids picked out a "Texas sized" maple donut for Dustin....that sucker was HUGE!

Jen picked out a red velvet was oh so YUMMY!

Just another picture of how big this "Texas size" donut is.  That is our large dinner plate that donut is sitting on.

Dustin tried so hard to eat the whole thing...but gave up at the very end.

We might be doing this Saturday morning donut run a little more frequently!

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