Monday, October 1, 2012

Zach starts pre-K

Even though Zach doesn't start Kindergarten for another full year - seems like EVERY parent around here is already planning where their kid will go to school!  Our options are public school, public charter school (lottery system to get in), or private school.  The public school district we live has changed the length of time kindergartners attend to only TWO HOURS A DAY!  We didn't feel like 2 hours a day would be enough to stimulate Zach's learning, especially since he gets preschool learning longer than that daily at his day care we started looking into the private school option.

We've toured the Challenger private school before and were impressed.  Jen called to ask about the kindergarten enrollment process, and they suggested we bring Zach in to be 'tested' to see if he would be ready for the kindergarten program next they are much more accelerated than the public school system.  So we did....and like all parents wanting the best for their child, decided to enroll Zach in the pre-K class for the rest of this year.

Today was his FIRST day of pre-K at Challenger School!  He loves it.  They day care center takes and picks him up every day, there are two other girls at the daycare center in his class at Challenger.  Our little boy is growing up so fast!

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