Thursday, February 12, 2009

California Adventure

Today we hit up California Adventure at Disneyland in Anaheim California. We had never been to this particular theme park and were anxious to see what it had to offer us! The weather was perfect - clear blue sky and in the mid 60's (much better than the snow in UTAH!) and the park was no where near being crowded. Most of the "popular" rides only had a 25 minute wait. If you have been to Disneyworld (MGM and Epcot) then you have pretty much seen all of California Adventure. All the main rides are exactly the same as the ones in Orlando. We hit up everything from 10am until about 5:30pm.

Ready to hang out with Jen's parents at California Adventure

My boys with Mator and Lightning McQueen

A Bug's Life Movie in 3D - yeah Zach didn't like this one....

Roller coaster for Zach!

Boys being boys?

First merry-go-round ride!

Littler surfer boy

First chocolate milk

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