Monday, February 16, 2009

Mistaken Identity

Anybody had a case of mistaken identity? Apparently "Jennifer Gray" is a common one! Jen didn't know what she was getting into when she changed her last name. In the seven years she has been a "Gray" she has had two separate credit card collectors call - one for Zales Diamonds and one for Wells Fargo - both demanding payments on an account she doesn't have. After they "realize" that googling any random Jennifer Gray isn't gonna get you the one you want they cross my name off their list and move on. There was also the two attorneys that also have called Jen - one looking for a different relative that doesn't exist in this family, another looking for payment on a settlement. Well - what arrived in the mail today is the icing on the CAKE! Check it out:

So I have no idea why blogger is rotating this image - because the image isn't rotated on my camera or my computer. But anyways - apparently there is a WARRANT OUT FOR JEN'S ARREST. Jen actually started laughing when she read this. First off - anyone know where Hondo, Texas is? Google maps shows us it is just east of San Antonio. Second off - the postcard was addressed to a person with a different middle/maiden name than Jen. we go again. I guess a phone call to the Hondo Constable are in order tomorrow. I am kinda pissed I have to use my dime to make the long distance phone call...this is hardly worth the 10 minutes of cell phone time! Wonder how many other people with the name "Jennifer Gray" got this same postcard?!

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Kelly said...

That's very unfortunate. I hope it gets squared away easily. But how inconvenient!