Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Children's Place

Jen LOVES shopping at Children's Place for Zach. Two weekends ago she logged on and found some killer deals on clearance and made a purchase.....all in all, 8 nice shirts and sweaters for $30! Well - a week goes by and no email with confirmation of shipment. Check again online and they say they are "backed up" and all orders have a 5-7 day delay. Today - a week and a half later I FINALLY get a shipment confirmation......and guess what:

We are pleased to inform you that your order has shipped as detailed below. Unfortunately, however, one or more of the items you ordered were not available in the quantity you ordered. The missing items were cancelled off your order since we do not back order items. You will not be charged for them.

So I look at what of my eight items actually shipped.....THREE! No joke. Even more ironic is those three items that did ship are actually for Peyton and baby LOVATO!!!!

Two thumbs down for online shopping with Children's Place. Oh - a visit to the store at a local mall this weekend as another disappointment as well. We bought a pair of sunglasses for Zach; the price one for $3.50 or two for $5. We search and search and search and only find ONE pair of sunglasses in his size. I go to pay for the one pair and the sales lady says, "you know, it is buy 2 for $5, sure you don't want to pick up another pair". I respond with - "I would if you actually had another pair in your store - you don't have any more sunglasses in this size". She smiles and says "oh, sorry". Make that four thumbs down for shopping with Children's Place.


~AnnaMarie~ said...

Now you have me worried! I ordered a bunch of stuff at the Children's place online a week ago-ish and haven't heard anything yet so I hope I dont have the same issue. I bought a lot of stuff that matched for the boys and will be mad if I only get 1 of them. I want 2 or none.

Anonymous said...

Ugh - that sucks. I bought some stuff at the Carters store last week - and when I ran in quick today to check for something else today, I saw that all the stuff I got last week was marked down much cheaper. Grrr. Like I have time to bring it back and try to get the difference. By the way - that "something else" today were sweaters for the boys to wear at Maya's baptism... and they don't have ANY winter stuff anymore! Can you believe it?! I guess the boys will be wearing their xmas sweaters to church for the baptism... it's the only dressy tops they have for winter weather (we're flying to Chicago for it in a few weeks).