Sunday, February 22, 2009

The more we learn every week...

Being a first time parent is getting more and more interesting by the DAY! Looking back at the past week - we have learned a lot! Here are a few to keep you laughing:

Forget lap seat on a plane - this kid will ride in the luggage!

Ever since we showed him what "stairs" were....he finds them and plays on them WHERE EVER WE GO!

One of these days he is going to figure how how to remove that baby gate

He goes for the knives in the dishwasher - and in this shot decided to "play" with left over water on the door. He climbed on that all by himself.

One of these days he is gonna get a lick of that lemon concentrate he keeps grabbing in the fridge and be hating life!

We think Aussie finally gave up running away from Zach - in this shot he got a thorough ear examination.

Just plain scary - caught on camera! Side note about the shirt - this is the THIRD time he has worn this EXACT shirt and thrown up...not little spit up...THROWN UP big time (required the carpet cleaner to be used all three times!). I think the shirt is going to get retired.

Wonder what next week will bring!?!

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