Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oh MY!

I guess there are still a few things we are learning as 1st time parents....

Lately we have been trying to come up with more ideas of foods that Zachary can eat. Today for lunch we decided to give him some Dinty Moore beef stew. He loved it. He also LOVED to make a mess with it AND push the food onto the floor. Every time Jen would tell him "No" or "don't do that"......Zach just LAUGHED and did it FASTER! this the result of Zach refusing to take his morning nap....or his ever growing personality starting to shine even brighter!?!

See how his hand is blurry? That is because it was moving FAST to push his food off the tray!

This was my 1st picture of the food on the the time he was done eating there was three times this much. On a positive note - our cats like beef stew!

Look at that smile....ironically this is after Jen is telling Zach, "No"....he smiles and laughs.

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Susan P. said...

Man - I see Dustin in that grin!!! We recently tried Campbell's Alphabet soup with the boys and it was a hit!