Tuesday, April 21, 2009

15 month check up

Today was Zach's 15 month visit to the pediatrician. He was a happy little camper as always. Here are his stats:

Height = 32 inches; 75th percentile
Weight = 23.6 pounds; 25th percentile (he's been at 23 pounds for 6 months now...)
Head = 47.5cm; 50th percentile

So he is getting tall and skinny. The doctor still doesn't seem concerned that he had stayed at the 23 pound mark for almost 6 months now - he just says Zach is active!

Side note....about 5 weeks ago he had this mark on his finger that blistered - it looked like a burn but it wasn't painful when we touched it. So it scarred up. This is what it looked like:

Well today he has ANOTHER mark like that on the same finger just more towards the middle section of the finger - it still looks like a burn but it isn't a burn. So we will nurse it with some antibotics and see how it goes! The same finger today:

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