Friday, April 17, 2009

Austin - Day #3

Day #3 - Today it rained like CRAZY in Austin. Major thunder, lightning and rain...I think there was even a tornado watch at some point. We hit up a new burger place called "Mighty Fine" then headed over to the Scott's house to chill for a bit. Brent and Dustin went to college together and both ended up getting jobs in Austin upon graduation. They have five kids and we had been there for the birth of the first four...the last one was born a month after Zachary!

Next stop...our friends the Atherton's! They have a baby girl a few weeks other than Zach. She was such a cutie...and SMART! She was talking way more than Zach.

We only had a few short hours to hang out and catch up with the Scott's and the Atherton's because next on our agenda was POKER NIGHT!!!

When we were living in Austin a bunch of Jen's co-workers would get together for poker night about once every month or so. We even headed to Las Vegas a few times with this crew! Now several of us have had kids and some of us moved away (us) so the poker nights aren't as frequent...but they make sure to have one when we are in town visiting!

Kwang introducing Zach to different kind of "bottle" - don't worry it was empty

All the kids LOVE Kwang

The crew

Susan and Jesse

We were party animals - out until 1am!!!! Wahoooooooooooooooooo!

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