Saturday, April 25, 2009

SLC rant...

Side note about the SLC airport - what is up with no one monitoring the pick up area? There have been MULTIPLE times we see people just parked there for long periods of time and the security people don't even care - isn't that a federal 'rule' someone is breaking? We have been to several airports in the past three years and we have to say that SLC is the MOST relaxed one of them all. So what did we do when we arrived at the airport today? Drove right on up to the pick up area and waited for Jen's parents to come out of the airport - our total wait time was at least 15 minutes and that whole time not ONE security personal was around. We also took these pictures of the signs around us:

Believe it or not these two signs were next to each other. Don't they contradict themselves? If you aren't suppose to be parked or waiting then how can you turn off your car and be 'idle free'?

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