Monday, April 6, 2009

Reasons to have a camera handy

Dustin gave Jen a small camera for Christmas...small enough to fit in her purse. This camera has come in quite handy for moments like these the past few days:

1st coloring experience at dinner Friday night

Punk Zachary

Free donut holes at Smiths Marketplace while grocery shopping - he ate THREE

Baby got back - compliments of daddy

Dads enormous mavrick up of water was of interest...notice how Zach has climbed up on Dustin to get a drink?

Yup - lots of TEETH....and very vocal ;)

As you can see...he makes us laugh...


Stephanie said...

Looks like he's a lefty like me! Go Zach!

~AnnaMarie~ said...

Lefty's are the best ;) I am one and my 2 boys (that are old enough to know)both are lefty's also. No verdict on Jayden yet...Anyway, loooove the pics! Those moments are the best to capture because they grow up so fast and we forget how much we loved every silly second when they were little! Keep taking those pictures!