Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Bargin

Jen's parents scored some CHEAP last minute air tickets to visit us this weekend! Thank you very much Delta Airlines. It has been three months since they had seen Zach - he walks and tries talking now! We arrived at the Salt Lake Airport early Saturday morning to greet them (hence the SLC rant post).

The weather was forcasted to not cooperate very well this weekend - and it held true (for once). It rained pretty good most of Saturday afternoon. We had wanted to go to the Thanksgiving Point Animal petting Zoo or the Tulip festival - but both would not be enjoyed very much with the rain and 50 degree weather. So what was the next best thing? The Timpanogoos Harley Davidson store :) Jen's dad rides a HD - and Dustin desperately wants the HD store is like a shopping mall - but for MEN. Most of all we had a kick of watching Zach check out the store.

Big wheels for him to touch and turn. This kept him entertained for a good 10 minutes.

In the service department then had a mini-HD that kids could ride. Zach wouldn't get off this thing! It would 'stop' and he would make noise trying to get it moving again. A few times during our trip at the store he would walk back to the service department and try and get on the bike himself.

Saturday evening Dustin and Mike (Jen's dad) headed to the Real Salt Lake soccer game - the Krotosky's helped score us some free tickets (thanks again!). The stadium was finished last October and holds 20,000 people. Luckily the rain had stopped!

The men had a blast - the Real Salt Lake apparently dominated the whole game and won 6-0. Dustin even came home with a mini soccer uniform that he bought for Zach to wear. I expect we will be hitting up some more games this summer!

Sunday was another miserable weather day - this day was dedicated to chick flicks and shopping. Yup - the girls headed to the movies and then Kohl's. They actually spent more time shopping in Kohl's then they did going and watching the movie. The women came home to find Zach sitting in his highchair eating thin mint girl scout cookies while the men were glued to the TV watching the discovery channel.

It was nice to have an 'excuse' to stay in side and just hang out and catch up on life. Janice and Mike headed back to California early Monday morning. We sure hope Delta has some cheap fares again REAL SOON! Zach tried to stow away in the carry on luggage:

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