Thursday, April 16, 2009

Austin - Day #2

Day #2 - Today we met up with some of Dustin's former co-workers for lunch and an all you can eat Italian place called "Canoli Joe's" - dang good food. I think the lunch ended up being 2.5 hours - no complaints by us! Unfortunately my pictures didn't turn out too good, here is the best one.

We had a bit of time to kill so we decided to check out our former house and see how our old stomping grounds had "grown". The house we owned in Austin was our very first house. It sold rather quickly after we put it on the market (two days!) to a Californian that turned it into a rental property. We were amazed that in three years the bushes had NEVER been trimmed and were completely overgrown and blocking the view of the front window. Also the trees got HUGE!

Next we headed back up to North Austin to hang out a bit with the Megerle's. Zach was thrilled again to have a few more boys to play with and MORE toys...we aren't just talking little toys....we are talking BIG TOYS. Jeff has a dirt bike...and a kids dirt bike....when Zach saw the dirt bikes he ran over to them and was checking them completely out. He even got a ride:

Dustin went for his first dirt bike ride as well!

We finished up the evening with dinner at Red Robin with the Megerle's and the Scotts. Kids eat free all the time at Red Robin in between the three families there were seven adults and seven children....and all the kids did eat FREE!

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