Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bishop's Pumpkin Farm

Today we headed to Northern California to spend the Halloween holiday at Jen's parents place. We opted to fly (1 hour flight versus 10 hours of do the math!) and arrived around noon. When we were picked up at the airport we grabbed some lunch and then headed to the town of Wheatland to go to "Bishop's Pumpkin Farm". Jen's parents were holding out picking up Halloween pumpkins for carving so our kids could go pick them out. Logan fell asleep on the drive to Wheatland and Grandpa graciously volunteered to stay in the car with Logan so he could sleep while the rest of us went to go get pumpkins. When we walked on the to farm the first thing Zach pointed out was this old truck:

The weather had been rainy off and on all day and when we arrived at the pumpkin farm we could see the clouds start rolling back in. We decided to pick out our pumpkins first before it started to rain again- this facility had much more activities to do besides find pumpkins. We got super excited because people were hauling around pumpkins that were HUGE....Zach wanted to of course pull the pumpkin cart. This is someone else's pumpkin Zach saw sitting on a cart and he decided he wanted to try and pull it. The owner was just kind of looking at us funny - we didn't realize it was actually someone else's pumpkin we thought it was just a display!

Then we took a tractor pulled hay ride out the field to pick our pumpkin...right off the VINE! They had THOUSANDS of pumpkins still growing the DAY BEFORE HALLOWEEN.

Zach went around trying to lift every pumpkin he could. Finally he found one that he COULD lift...and he decided that was HIS pumpkin. We didn't have the heart to tell him the reason the pumpkin was green was because it wasn't ready to be picked....we just let him enjoy having a green pumpkin this year! Boy was he proud he could carry it around. Here is a picture of us with our pickings. See Zach's green pumpkin? Zach is sitting on Dustin's pumpkin too.

Then after we decided we were done - Zach decided Logan needed a pumpkin too! He searched and searched and searched...and look what he found:

...another baby green pumpkin...smaller than his...for his brother Logan!

On the tractor hay ride back to the car area we had someone else take this picture of us. I think it turned out really good!

We bought our pumpkins and got our "own" pumpkin hauling cart and took it to the car.

After the car was loaded with our pumpkins - Logan decided to wake up! So now we all were able to enjoy the rest of Bishop's Pumpkin Farm....for about 30 minutes and then it decided to start raining again. We loaded everyone up on the train and went for a choo choo ride. Zach rode with his Grandma and Grandpa Twogood, Logan rode with Dustin and Jen.

We decided we had enough and hit the road...with some KILLER PUMPKINS!

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