Sunday, October 31, 2010


It seems like most our blog posts so far this month have been leading up to one special event....HALLOWEEN! Yes - today is the day....the day Zach understands that if he goes "trick-or-treating" he gets candy...the day we get to "play" with more pumpkins...the day our kids get to hang out with their cousins in California!

Remember those HUGE pumpkins we picked out the day before at Bishop's Pumpkin Farm? We decided to carve them in the backyard of Jen's parents house - the weather was upper 70's and perfect. The adults carved and the kids played.

We liked how Jen's mom decided to do her pumpkin....

Logan was having fun just chilling in the "pink" walker watching his brother and cousin run around and watching all of the adults carve some pumpkins.

It started to get dark and that was the signal to get ready for TRICK OR TREATING! We had been struggling to get Zach to wear his Army man costume prior to Halloween - he wouldn't wear it at daycare or for his preschool Halloween party. We were really worried he wouldn't wear it on the actual holiday...but he didn't put up any fight to wear it this evening! Here is our little Army man!

Here is a picture of Logan (dragon on the floor), Scott (Peter Pan) and Zach all excited and hyped to go trick or treating.

Here is a picture of London - the biker chick!

After the first couple of houses they kids got the hang of it....they were even comparing candies and handing them to us to open so they could eat them!

Little Logan didn't last long. He had been fussy (those darn teeth trying to come!) and we gave him some Motrin relief, about 30 minutes into trick or treating he totally passed out asleep in full costume. Jen took him back to her parents and changed him out of his costume and into his pajamas and put in to bed all while he was still asleep! So here is the best picture of Logan we got all night...and of course his Halloween candy stash!

Now this is about the time the trick or treating got serious. The kids hit up every house they could find with someone home. Zach's candy bag was took some hard convincing to get him to empty some of in into the stroller...he didn't want to lose any of that candy! Here are Zach and Scott in action!

After about an hour and a half the kids were tired. Zach even told us his feet didn't work any more and started tip toeing around...but kept saying "just one more house, just one more house". Once he finally agreed to go for a ride in the stroller we knew he was done and headed back to Grandma and Grandpa's.

And when we did get home we had to lay out the candy stash......he was pleased. is how our pumpkins turned out!

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