Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cement Slide Park

While we were in California we took the kids to a park Jen remembers going to as a kid. We always called it the "cement slide park"...because there was a cement slide built into the hillside! We use to take wax paper and go down the slide super fast.

The slide isn't as "fast" is Zach trying to go down.

The one downside of a cement slide is if you hit your is cement...Zach hit is head and started to cry. We found this lizard on the side and it DID NOT cheer him up.

We decided it was time to stop playing on the cement slide and check out the rest of the park. Logan enjoyed the swings.

The kids both climbed the playscape with Dustin's help.

Believe it or not the kids were "nice" to each other while on this beast!

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