Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cornbelly's 2010

It is that time of year again - our adventures at Cornbelly's. This year we had a hard time picking the right "day" to go due to the weather in Utah deciding to speed up winter! We came home from work and were talking about how nice the 70 degree sunny day was today and decided since the forecast called for rain and snow the rest of the week we should make tonight our Cornbelly's night for the kids. We ate dinner fast and loaded ourselves up into the car and made the 1.2 mile drive to Thanksgiving Point.

The first thing Zach spotted as we paid to enter was a wagon. He HAD to have a wagon to pull, and we was perfectly content pulling Logan around in the this is what we looked like most of the night!

Next stop was the activity gym. Zach just started climbing up the rope wall all by himself...and would do down the slides all by himself. We had to wipe the single tear from our eyes because we realized our "baby" was all grown up. He can now officially handle playgrounds by himself - no assistance needed from mom and dad.

Of course we tried our skill at the duck races....some mechanical issues this year, but Dustin was able to make sure BOTH boys enjoyed themselves....

No day is complete for Logan without "trying" new things...tonight it was HAY.

And the famous corn pit.......Zach loves this thing. There were a bit too many kids around for us to just let Logan roam free in the corn pit...we were afraid he would get stomped on. Maybe next year...

By this time the sun was long gone and the wind started to pick up (remember that forecast about rain/snow for the rest of the week?). We realized the kids hands were a bit chilly and decided to call it a night. We didn't do the corn maze (not sure doing that for an HOUR with two kiddos would be "fun"), we didn't get to do the hay ride, we didn't get to watch the pig races, or shoot the pumpkin blaster...but at least we have something to look forward to next year!

Oh - looking a this picture makes Jen realize she will ALWAYS be outnumbered and tractors will always win.

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