Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday LOGAN!

Today our little man turned two years old! We kept it quiet this year - the kids were looking forward to going to daycare and having cupcakes with their friends. Jen took Logan to the store last night to pick out the cupcakes (they have to be store bought.....state health code rule at daycare). As soon as Logan walked in the the daycare center everyone greeted him and wished him a happy birthday - he had such a huge grin on his face! After work we went home and had some take and bake pizzas and cheese sticks (Logan's favorite). Jen finished putting the finishing touches on Logan's cake and then it was time for presents!

Presents turned out to be quite an ordeal at our house this year. Zach felt like he HAD to open all the gifts...he had a hard time with everything was for Logan and he was quite upset it wasn't his birthday - we heard many times throughout the night from Zach, "my birthday is taking too LONG to get here!". Logan was kind enough to let Zach help with the wrapping paper....

Believe it or not the hit of the gifts was from Jen's Grandma McIlwain - she had taped together ten $1 bills for Logan for his birthday. Logan thought it was sooooo COOL!

The ToysRus gift certificate from Great Aunt and Uncle Twogood also brought a smile to Logan's face - he knows what the ToysRus logo looks like - the place with all the TOYS!

Now it was time for birthday cake! Jen made Logan a construction cake. Logan just stared and stared at it....after a few minutes he finally stuck his finger in it to taste it. He loved eating the chocolate rocks!

Happy 2nd birthday Logan! Logan is our happy child - he smiles all the time and loves to laugh. Zach and Logan are best buds and play together all the time. Logan likes to share - when ever he gets a snack or a drink he gets one for Zach as well. We think Logan will be our little athlete...he is so active and can throw a ball better than any two year old we know!

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