Sunday, December 4, 2011

What life is like in the Gray house

Lets just say life is quite interesting with TWO boys in the house. I thought I would try and capture on camera the things Logan 'does' on a daily basis to keep Jen on her toes. I say 'Logan' because Zach NEVER did any of this....

Smear cheese on the window by the front door...apparently the window looked too clean to Logan.

He goes and gets any trash can, empties it, and then turns it upside down and stands on it to reach to places he shouldn't be. In this picture, he has unlocked and opened the front door.

The one that REALLY put me over the edge got really quiet in the house. I found the boys under the kitchen table, eating chocolate, and shoving the foil wrappers from the chocolate down the AIR VENT in the floor. Don't let Zach in the picture fool you...Logan instigated it, Zach followed.

I am not sure who's brilliant idea this one was...but it did make me laugh. The even funnier part is Logan got his leg stuck in between the bars on the bottom and couldn't get out.

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