Saturday, December 3, 2011

Visit with Santa

We brought in the month of December with a visit to Santa and his reindeer. Every year a few of Santa's reindeer come and stay for a visit at Thanksgiving Point - and meet with everyone that comes to see them. Luckily today - there weren't too many other people visiting the reindeer, so Zach and Logan got some upfront and personal time with them!

The boys then got to visit with the REAL santa for a bit. No tears during this visit. Zach was telling Santa about the cut he just got on his finger...also that he wanted a 'green dump truck' for Christmas. Logan just nodded his head waiting for the candy cane to appear.

Next up was the surprise for the kids...we were getting professional 'Santa Shots'...only Dustin was the one dressing up as Santa! One of the studios around here got a GREAT idea of having the parents dress up as Santa (so the kids are not afraid) and then they take photos and hide your face (you will see what I mean when you see our 'shots'). It only cost $20...and overall a better experience than the mall photos we have done in the past. Here is Dustin getting fitted for his moment...
Here are the excited boys...

And here are the awesome shots we ended up with!

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