Friday, December 30, 2011

Logan's two year check up

Today we headed to the pediatricians office for Logan's 2 year check up. Most of the visit revolved around Zach with the ear infection issues (see 12/31 post) - but Logan ended up having an ear infection as well - his right ear. Logan also still has his dry skin issues, living in Utah doesn't help. The doctor tells us to use the creams, lotions and soaps we are already using...guess we just need to be more aggressive about it (lotion and cream 2x-3x a day?)

Logan continues to be our happy child that loves to play and be active. His personality continues to shine and everyone loves to be around him. Our pediatricians office is right next to the day care the kids attend. While Logan and I walked from they daycare to the pediatricians office kids from Zach's class were playing in the backyard and waving hi to Logan and asking how he was as we were crossing the street. Logan just smiled at the kids and talked to them in his two year old gibberish language. Logan is apparently the social butterfly and everyone knows him.....sounds like Dustin, right?!

Here are Logan's growth stats - he continues the tradition of tall big headed kids :)

Height = 35.7 inches = 83rd percentile
Weight = 28 pounds = 50th percentile
Head Circ = 49.8cm = 78th percentile

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