Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July weekend celebration

We had a FANTASTIC 4th of July WEEKEND! Dustin's family came to town from Colorado (Glen, Jeanette, Jaren and Eric) -- and of course they drove through Wyoming to get to the car may have made a stop at a fireworks store....and we may have had the biggest and baddest fireworks show in the neighborhood...for THREE NIGHTS!

They all rolled in on Friday night about 10pm. Our neighbor was waiting up so we could light of some fireworks (he had to work 4th of July night)...check out the haul:

The next morning (the 3rd of July) - Zach was so happy to see his Grandpa Gray...he didn't want to share Grandpa with Logan. Good thing Grandma Gray was around to give Logan lots of love!

Since the Lehi city fireworks were being shot of on Saturday the 3rd this year (Utah doesn't celebrate the 4th on Sunday...yes, messed up) we held our 4th of July fireworks party on the 3rd. We invited over friends, neighbors and extended family (Dustin has lots of cousins and aunts in Lehi). We had TONS of food -- thank you everyone for helping out! Jen made this "fruit salad" - it was GONE by the end of the night! Who knew cool whip was so good with fruit?

Our 4th of July party wouldn't be a party without the homemade rootbeer with dry ice!

The boys may have also found another use with dry ice........

In the evening the wind picked up quite a bit and it turned out quite chilly! Everyone bundled up outside in jackets, blankets, etc....we didn't want to miss out on any 4th of July fun....but it was the first 4th of July we could ever remember needed a sweatshirt/jacket/blanket!

It was a great time. Of course we had to REPEAT it Sunday night as well :) It was a bit warmer...but Zach was still scared of the loud fireworks. We were able to get him to stay outside and watch by sitting in the back of the 4runner.

By the end of the night we had him enjoying sparklers!

Happy 4th of JULY America!

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