Friday, July 30, 2010

Coupon'n deal of the DAY!

It is that time again....SMITHS double coupon event up to $1! Any coupon you have Smith's automatically gives you the difference to make the coupon value at $1. So a $0.25 coupon during this event is worth $1. I have been slacking lately on coupon collecting but was still able to get a good deal on all of the above. Guess how much I paid for all of it?!


Yes - only $3.97. Full price for all of the above was $10.76. Here is how I scored the deal:

  • Colgate toothbrushes $0.99 each. I had two coupons for $0.50 off - Smiths gave me another $0.50 off with the coupon event...meaning I actually made $0.02 off this one!
  • Can of vegetables $1.59. I had a coupon for a free can -- so FREE!
  • 24oz Palmolive $2.59 each. I had $0.25 coupon - Smiths gave me $0.75 making my total price $1.59.
  • Two Yoplait Whips for $1.20. I had a $0.55 coupon - Smiths gave me $0.45, so my total cost was $0.20!
  • Six Yoplait yogurts for $3.60. I had a $0.40 coupon - Smiths gave me $0.60 and coupons loaded onto my Smiths card gave me another $0.40 off...making my total $2.20 for the six yogurts.
I wish all shopping trips could be this successful!

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