Friday, July 16, 2010


What better to do on a Friday night than to....clean the kids fish tank!

We lost about half our fish after the last cleaning a month ago (Dustin "accidentally" put too much chemical in the tank). So we decided to hit up Petsmart tonight to get some needed supplies for our cats and some NEW FISH!! Zach had fun checking out all the different kinds of fish. We ended up walking out with 7 new fish.

Zach always goes over to see the cats up for adoption every time we go to Petsmart. He LOVES cats......I am pretty sure there is some drool on his mouth at this point.

He decided that the cat gym would actually work form him as well -- part of the reason we don't own one of these!

Logan enjoyed the trip -- he was our official taste tester. He had to taste and gnaw on everything (except the fish and litter) we were purchasing.

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