Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kid Pictures

We were due for some kid portraits. Logan was in need of his 6 month portraits and we wanted to get some shots of the boys together. Zach wasn't cooperating - in fact we only got ONE picture taken of him before he started his temper tantrum meltdown about 5 minutes into the photo shoot. Good thing that ONE picture turned out okay!

Dustin ended up taking Zach outside while Jen and Logan continued with the photo shoot. Logan was ADORABLE as ever. Here are some of our favorites....

When everything was done - Jen went outside to find Dustin and Zach. Apparently Zach was having some fun of his own:

Instead of having pictures taken with his dump truck he wanted to play with his dump truck. There was some construction going on near the photo studio and he was playing in all that dirt. Apparently he was also making friends with the ladies coming out of the nearby Yoga studio as well.....Dustin was proud of that!

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