Sunday, July 18, 2010

Outdoor Extravaganza!

The weather wasn't too hot today....and we needed to get some yard work done! Dustin mowed the lawn and Zach was so eager to help out. We have a future lawn boy in the making!

Wait...daddy's lawn mower looks much BIGGER and makes more NOISE than mine....I want to use daddy's....

After the lawn work we had to cool ourselves down. Zach got a slip-n-slide for Christmas from Aunt Sarah and Uncle Nick. We busted it out and set it up in the backyard on the side of the house with the slope. We hooked up the hose -- and the water was nice and cold. We were a bit worried Zach wouldn't want to use it with the water being so cold....boy were we WRONG! He couldn't get enough of it!

Lets hope Summer stays around for a while!

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