Saturday, July 3, 2010

No more drive-thru

If Zach even SEES a McDonald's he gets excited. He allows you to go through the drive-thru but if the car doesn't get parked after we get our food he throws a FIT! He is addicted to McDonald's playland. Today we headed down to Spanish Fork to check out the 58 Chevy truck restoration progress and we had Dustin's parents and brothers with us. The drive to Spanish Fork is about 30 minutes and we were getting thirsty. We decided to get some sodas in the McDonald's drive-thru as it was off our freeway exit and near the shop the truck was at. Zach was asleep in the car so we figured we were safe. WRONG! He woke up just as we entered the McDonald's parking lot. The drive-thru line was moving and Zach started whining and crying. So Dustin just left. That made Zach really MAD. He calmed down by the time we got to the shop.

After being at the shop about 30 minutes or so they decided to do some priming - so we decided to head back to McDonald's for "real" this time and actually eat. Zach LOVES the playland in the Spanish Fork McDonald's. He is actually big and strong enough to climb up the tubes and go down the BIG slide:

The only way we could get him off the playland part was to bribe him with an ice cream cone!

Then grandpa Gray decided to show us how things were done in the old days - he was a professional dunker....
Grandpa Gray even taught Logan how to DUNK!

Zach got his Uncle Eric to help him dunk:

After about an hour of family fun time we headed back to the restoration shop. Zach had his McDonald's fix -- and we had food in our bellies!

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Dustin said...

Love this.. Zach is a total McDonalds Playscape junkie.. He barely even takes time to eat when he's there. LOL!