Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Logan is 7 months old!

He's more than half way to being a ONE YEAR OLD! Logan is growing up so fast and is such a handsome little guy. He is always smiling and giggling at us. He is eating baby food and loves pretty much all the fruits. The only vegetables we can get him to eat willingly are sweat potatoes and squash. Dustin tries to sneak him french fries when Jen isn't looking. He drinks about six bottles a day. He isn't SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT yet. He normally wakes up once during the night for a bottle.....we sure hope he breaks that habit soon. We pulled out Zach's old walker and Logan LOVES to use it. He can cruise around upstairs on the hardwood floors. He shows signs of wanting to crawl...but just gets frustrated he isn't moving. He is also working HARD on that first tooth. We think it will be here before he turns 8 months old.

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