Friday, October 23, 2009

All hands...

Zachary has reached the height now that he can grab ANYTHING off the top of counters if it is six inches from the edge. He also likes to get into ANYTHING that looks like it is hiding something inside. Right now we are just laughing a these things...but I am sure that will change. These pictures are from this week alone.

Bust #1 for the week - our Halloween decorations. They were nicely sitting inside Tupperware tubs....until Zach got a hold of them. He got a kick out of these in our Halloween costume stash:

Dustin Says that in this picture Zach looks a little bit like Sid the Sloth from Ice Age.. hah!

Bust #2 for the week - kitchen drawers. For some reason he just likes to empty them out and then play with the gadgets on the floor.

Bust #3 for the week - a shoebox full of old makeup/lotions on a shelf in our master closet. This one actually kept him entertained the longest...and surprisingly none of the containers got opened!

The joys of parenthood...

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