Friday, October 2, 2009

Geek Fest 2009

One of Dustin's good friends from Austin, Jody Ross, has flown out to Utah to see us once a year ever since we have left. He normally stays for about 5 days and we label this trip "geek fest" - because it is scheduled around video games. Every Fall there has been a new release of some version of Halo (this year was Halo ODST). Dustin takes the days off work and the men do nothing but play the new video game until it is beaten and consume massive amounts of caffeinated soda and beef. When one game is beaten they move on to another. After about 3 solid days of gaming - then they come crawling out of the basement looking to do some "outside" activities.

Here is a snapshot of Geek Fest during Friday night....Jeff Krotosky joined the fun....oh, Zach tries to play too.
A mini-Dustin in the making.....

Also - we realized that HELL has frozen over. Yes - here is the proof:

Our cat Sammie would have NOTHING to do with Jody when we lived in Austin.....magically this trip out to visit us she WANTS to sit on his lap!

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