Friday, October 9, 2009

Family trip to Yellowstone

Road Trip!!!!
Jen and I have been talking about taking Zach to Yellowstone for a few months.. We figured we would hit the park at the end of the season to avoid the large crowds and hopefully see some cool animals along the way!  :-)
Our first stop on the way to Yellowstone was at Bear World near Rexburg

Zach loved this bear statue.. he kept saying "ROAR"
This goat kept following Dustin around trying to eat his shoelaces. Funny!
Jen and Zach found a nice deer to pet in the park.. yes a deer!

Dustin and Zach had a blast on the carnival rides

Yes there were a lot of bears there too of course. Over 40 in fact!

When we arrived in Yellowstone it was like a different world.. It was snowing!

The truck was freezing cold.. but that didn't phase us, we were ready to drive through Yellowstone!

Our first animal encounter in the park.. only 10m into the trip!

Too bad Zach was already out.. too many warm blankets and cuddly stuff I guess ;-)

Jen and I saw lots of cool things while Zach slept.. 

We even saw a Coyote!

Dustin and Zach next to some cool steaming pools

Time for some mid trip refreshment.. window ice!!!   hah hah

Zach and Jen next to Old Faithful

Zach playing in the snow

Ice crystals on some weeds.. with hot pools behind.

Our first view of the Tetons.. Pretty amazing.. but lots of clouds covering the peaks

Another cool view of the Tetons

Zach and Jen were having fun chasing Daddy around

We looked everywhere for a Moose and finally saw one in Jackson Hole where we stopped for lunch! And we were able to pet this one too!  :-)

The full set of pictures we took on our trip through Yellowstone are now online!

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Miller Fam said...

That picture of Zach peeking through the bear thing at Bear World is adorable. And incidentally, just up the street from my house ;)Such a fun place! Savannah went there for her field trip last year and I chaperoned. The kids were so cute!