Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Patchin...

Today we went pumpkin patchin.....we found this place in South Jordan (Maybey's pumpkin patch) last year and decided to go back again this year. The weather wasn't cooperating very well with us (ending up being a windy rain storm when we left)...but we did pick out our pumpkin haul rather quickly, it seemed like there were a lot of "perfect pumpkins" to choose from this year.

Zach was excited to see all the pumpkins, ride in the wagon and play with will the dried up pumpkin vines. He didn't even mind the few rain sprinkles here and there. We ended up picking out FIVE larger pumpkins for carving (one for Dustin, Jen, Zach, Dustin's Dad, Jen's Mom) and three smaller pumpkins for decorations.

Now we need to start thinking of how we are going to carve these things next weekend!

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