Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Why can't I have it all?

The title says it all.....that is the American dream isn't it?

It has been a frustrating few days. As I am sitting on my couch this Tuesday evening at 9:44pm longing for my comfortable bed.....and I can't help but look around my house and think of EVERYTHING I should be doing. I have lived long enough to know that my "to-do" list will never get completed in the timeline I originally plan on. So how is it possible to do all this in only 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

- Work as a full-time engineer (yeah - 60 hours of needed work a week that somehow gets crammed into 40 hours - lunch hours no longer exist)
- Teach a class at BYU every other week (I am loving it...but how did I think I would have time for this?)
- Put up ALL my Halloween decorations (half of them are still sitting on the living room floor)
- Manage to get EVERYTHING off my kitchen counter tops (how many piles can I make?)
- Make adjustments to Zach's Halloween costume (my kid has a big head - his costume needs some sewing adjustments)
- Actually FOLD the laundry...heck maybe even get it out of the dryer!
- Plan a meal schedule and follow it (I am tired of going out to lunch because I don't have time to make a lunch before I leave in the mornings).
- Do my grocery shopping before 10pm on a weeknight.
- Do my grocery shopping BEFORE Zach is out of milk...I think the gas station up the road is starting to wonder why someone would regularly only buy a gallon milk in their mini-mart.
- Get 8-10 hours of continuous sleep on a REGULAR basis
- Take a bubble bath
- Play more with Zach (I love this kid)
- Date nights (what are those again?)
- Decide on a window curtain designs and fabrics (it has only been almost 3 years....)
- Work on Zach's baby book
- Heck, when was the last time I scrap booked period? Maybe when I left Austin 3 years ago....
- Actually watch the shows I am recording on my DVR
- Exercise - what is that? I am glad I bought that 4 year gym membership....
- Have a social life with my neighbors. I seriously see them as much as I see my parents.

I could go on and on...but now it is 10:02pm and I REALLY want to go to bed.....


Kelly said...

What a list! I can hardly manage to do do everything on my list without the two jobs that you have, Jennifer. You're a wonder woman, for sure. I wish you the best in juggling all that you do, and hope you'll find peace and balance along the way. Be sure to remember the things that matter most and you'll have succeeded.

Susan P said...

Jen... I know EXACTLY how you feel. I've been really struggling since the boys went back to school mid August... which is also when we found out our "news". I even cried on the way to work today thinking about it all!! My list looks very much like yours. Waaaaaaa.