Saturday, October 24, 2009

Piggy Piggy

Ever since Zach was born we have been filling one of his piggy banks with coins...mostly the extra change Dustin has in his pockets and coins Zach finds lying around the house. I think Zach even smooched coins off his grandpa's when they come visit! As soon as Zach finds a coin he goes RUNNING to his piggy bank and put the coin in the slot.

After 21 months - the piggy bank is FULL! We couldn't cram any more coins into it. So we decided to go "cash in" the coins to empty the pig.

That piggy bank held $82.00 all in COINS! Not bad for spare change for almost two years. The money is going into Zach's savings account...and now his piggy bank is empty and can start taking spare change donations again!

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