Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Today we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary!

We can't believe it has already been eight years since we were sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake LDS temple......I guess it is true that "time flies when you are having FUN!" We normally try and take some kind of trip for our anniversary - before kids this had included the Bahamas, Europe, Caribbean cruises and an East Coast road trip. Now with a kid/kids in the mix - we have settled for more local things (Park City last year, Yellowstone this year) with kid/kids in tow. We have decided for our 10th anniversary our "trip" will NOT INCLUDE KIDS...and we will go somewhere for us ;)

For our anniversary dinner this year Dustin got reservations at Tiburon Grill in Sandy - the food was EXCELLENT! Thankfully Grandpa Gray was more than willing to watch Zach so we could enjoy an "adult" dinner. Some shots of us enjoying dinner (Jen eating Fillet Mignon and Dustin eating Elk):

Of course Dustin always sends Jen flowers to work on our anniversary. This year Dustin mixed things up a bit and designed his own arrangement - with the main goal of having a new type of vase.
He also had a balloon and chocolates delivered. When the main lobby at work called Jen to inform her a delivery was made the lady said Dustin covered all the bases - Flowers, balloon AND chocolates!

It is true the longer you are married the less important "gifts" just realize you would rather spent time with each other....

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Kelly said...

Ah, how sweet. Happy anniversary! I can't believe it's been eight years.