Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cousin Scott

Jen's parents came to town this weekend for the ThunderPig car show reveal. Cousin Scott was able to tag along and spend the weekend with us! Zach and Logan were really excited to have their cousin (Jen's brother's 4 year old son) at their house. We had a busy weekend of hard core playing that wore all the kids out!

The first night Scott was in town we took the kids to "Planet Play". The kids enjoyed eating pizza and playing the arcade games. Zach and Scott played every race car arcade game in the place. They even sweet talked Jen and her dad into driving the go carts with them (sorry no pictures of that....we were DRIVING!). Before we knew was 9pm!

Zach and Scott slept on a blow up mattress in Zach's room. Every night Grandma Twogood would read them all stories before bedtime. Logan liked to hang out with the boys too during this time.....

Logan also tried snaking Scott's scooby-do stuffed animal. Thankfully Scott let him play with it the whole visit.

The second day of Scott's trip was the big car show for ThunderPig's reveal. The boys liked looking at all the cars....of course they wanted to also TOUCH all the cars. Luckily there was a wide open area with lots of room for them to run around in at the spot ThunderPig was at. They had fun playing in the mud, and tickling each other with long pieces of grass.

The rest of the trip the boys had fun hanging out with everyone. Scott LOVES the movie Ironman - so we watched it a few times. I finally decided to video him being Ironman. Every time Ironman was on the screen he would act out the motions of what he was doing! He pretty much had it memorized.

Grandpa was also the popular man during this trip! All three grandsons getting a ride on our recliner.

Zach and Logan are already asking when Scott is coming back for another visit. Thank goodness for Apple Facetime!

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