Friday, May 13, 2011

Hawaii Trip Day #10 - San Francisco

Today was our "chill day" in San Francisco. Jen's brother and family met up with us for the day (Jen's parents were still with us as well). We made a pit stop at Walmart before crossing over the bay bridge to head into San Francisco. We witnessed a dent removal company doing business right in the parking lot! It was quite entertaining to watch.

Once in San Francisco we headed to Golden Gate Park. We decided to go to the Academy of Sciences. The place was pretty sweet - there was plenty of things to keep all of us busy! There was a butterfly house, planetarium, aquarium....and much much more!

Zach got to attend his first planetarium show! He was super excited to sit next to his cousin Scott, Uncle Garrett and Aunt Renee. Good thing it wasn't super crowded, because he talked through a lot of it....we kept hearing "wow, look at that!".

Zach had a great time with his cousin Scott!

After the Academy of Sciences we decided to hit up pier 49 so the kids could see the sea lions.

Very interesting family was cold and windy....

To get the cold and wind off the minds of the kids we headed into the pier shopping area. Zach saw the merry go round carousel and wanted to ride it! The operators were smart...the rules were kids 3 and under had to have an adult ride with them...a paying adult! So both Zach and Dustin went for a ride!

Afterwards we hit up Garrett and Renee's favorite place to eat on the pier. We enjoyed fish and clam chowder!

Here is Zach and his cousin London watching movies on their parents iphones while the rest of us ate dinner....

At this point we all are wiped. We head back to the hotel and crash. Our flight back to Utah is tomorrow! We had a great time spending the day with all the Twogood's. Our kids loved hanging out with their cousins!

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