Friday, May 27, 2011

Plasma Cars

You seen these before?

Last summer Zach would ride the one at the babysitters house all the time. it was a fight to get him off it every time we picked him up! We were thrilled to find a red one in Costco a few weeks ago. We debated on if we should get one or two. We settled on one as we thought Logan wouldn't probably be big enough to use it until next year, so we would buy one now and buy a second in a year. Once we got it home Zach had fun riding it all around the neighborhood.

But Logan....he sure had the eagle eye on Zach's new plasma car. When Zach would get distracted and ride his trike Logan would get on the plasma car. Jen taught him how to put his feet up and she would push him down the street. After a few days we decided we might as well buy the second plasma car - but Costco was OUT OF THEM! So what was the next best thing?!!! Jen was able to by a blue plasma car for Logan at the same price Costco had the red one for...and FREE SHIPPING!

Boy was Logan excited when we got home tonight and saw a plasma car box at our front door.....
Now we can take family trips around the neighborhood!

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