Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hawaii Trip Day #8 - Hilton Waikaloa Village

Today Logan was still having his intestinal issues and needed his rest. Dustin, Grandpa and Zach headed to Hilton Waikaloa Village to enjoy the facilities. They have a lagoon that fish from the ocean swim in and out of that we can swim/snorkel/kayak in. Jen, Logan and Grandma hung out at our hotel facilities. This also gave the ladies some time to start packing things up for the return trip tomorrow.

The boys had so much fun. They rented a Kayak and took Zach all over the lagoon. They spotted several sea turtles...Zach finally was able to see a sea turtle up close and personal!

They had fun swimming and eating snacks...

When it came time for lunch they decided to eat at the restaurant by the dolphin experience. The deck of the restaurant overlooks the dolphin pin. Again Zach was in heaven....he could eat lunch and watch the dolphins the whole time!

After lunch it was time to go back to our hotel. Jen, Grandma, Zach and Logan all took one last swim in our hotel pool (we were leaving tomorrow morning) while Grandpa and Dustin took a quick nap. We had plans to spend the rest of the evening back at the Hilton Waikaloa Village for dinner at a Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant. Our kids love teppanyaki for the show they put on. I was impressed both kids seriously tried to eat with chop sticks tonight!

The food was by far the BEST teppanyaki we have ever had. Group shots of us eating dinner:

After dinner there was one last thing we needed to do. Jen's parents stayed at this particular Hilton Waikaloa Village last year for a vacation. Every night they would take the boat and ride it down to get ice cream for dessert. The boats travel all around the resort. The last time we were visiting this place earlier in the week the boats weren't working (they only operate 2pm-10pm)...lucky for us it was 8pm! We hopped on the boat and took the nice relaxing drive down to the ice cream place.

And boy did we ENJOY our ICE CREAM! Hawaiians make some good stuff!

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