Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hawaii Trip Day #9 - Back to Oakland

This morning we left Hawaii. Our tropical vacation has come to an end. We took some pictures with our lei's and the kids....these turned out pretty good. Don't we all look so tan and sun kissed?

All went well in the 5 hour flight back. Logan started off taking a nap - it only lasted about an hour though (darn!). Then he wanted to get up and roam and make friends with all the passengers.
Zach was entertained by his movies for about half the flight....then he wanted to get up and roam.

We were glad when we touched down in Oakland. It was about 7pm California time when we arrived. By the time we got to the hotel and went to grab dinner and got back to the hotel to get settled it was about 9:30pm. The kids were still on Hawaii time so it took longer than normal to settle them down (they were in bed by 10pm though). Apparently that was "too distributive" to our hotel neighbors....after only 5 MINUTES of us being back they checked out and moved to a different room. I am glad they did...if they couldn't handle 5 minutes of kids talking it would have been a horrible night of them complaining and hitting the walls.

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