Tuesday, May 24, 2011

U2 360 Tour

Today we FINALLY got to see U2 perform in Salt Lake City. We bought these tickets over a year ago - and then the tour was postponed for 11 months for Bono's unexpected back surgery. I can honestly say the concert was worth waiting for! We bought tickets with two other couples and as luck would have it both couples had a baby in the past year - so the husbands attended. That is right, it was Jen and three men at this concert!

We headed down to SLC a bit early and scored a sweet, FREE parking spot. The concert was at the University of Utah stadium - so we got on Trax and rode it into downtown for dinner at the Blue Iguana. We got back to the stadium in plenty of time...watched the opening act...and then waited about a hour for U2 to begin. Some findings along the way.....

Yeah - you see all those semi trucks in the picture above? This is a picture of about 15 red/white semi trucks parked side by side. What you don't see is there are THREE ROWS of 15 semi trucks parked side by side. Yes - about 45 semi trucks to haul the concert stuff. Seem a little excessive? Check out this stage....

Yup a bit huge. Not sure it still takes 45 semi trucks though. Here are the boys (Dustin, Cliff and Dave) anxiously waiting for U2 to make their appearance.

...and of course the beautiful sunset we were able to watch.

The last time we had been to a concert together was before we were married....a little more than ten years ago....when we were first starting to date - it was a STING concert. This time I think we were in the right age group that were in attendance for U2. Bono rocked it for 2.5 hours straight. The stage was fantastic with all the effects. The cameras they had filming him during is performance help make you feel like you were right near the stage (because we obviously weren't!). It was a GREAT show. Here were some snapshots of the stage - nighttime pictures never turn out perfect :( The screen actually separated and moved towards the ground to make it huge...pretty cool.

It is also the era of not using lighters during use your cell phone! Yup, these tiny lights are cell phones.

...and the last bit of entertainment for the evening....watching Cliff and Dave rock out!

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