Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hawaii Trip Day #1 - Travel to Oakland

We've had this trip in the works for about a year now.....a week long vacation on the Big Island of Hawaii - Kona side. Jen's parents were coming along as well. We took a long time trying to figure out the flight situation....we wanted Jen's parents on the same plane with us for the long flight to Hawaii to help with the kids. We finally decided to book a direct flight from Oakland, California to Kona, Hawaii. Oakland is about a 2 hour drive from Jen's parents house. So today we flew from Salt Lake to Oakland. Southwest and Delta were the only airlines with direct flights to Oakland...and Delta charges for luggage (a week in Hawaii with two kids...yeah we had a lot of luggage) Southwest it was! We love flying southwest.

Dustin dropped Jen and Logan off a the front of the airport with all the luggage, while he and Zach went and parked the car and rode the shuttle bus back (Zach LOVES buses). Here is Logan chilling with our haul....

The flight to Oakland was two hours long. Zach was a champ, he played with his red truck and watched movie (thank goodness for portable DVD players).

Logan on the other hand...was all over the place. It was a long flight for Jen wrangling Logan:

Lucky for us the plan was only about half full, so Dustin and Zach had a row to themselves and Jen and Logan had a row to themselves. We arrived in Oakland and Jen's parents greeted us in the hotel shuttle. We all rode back to our hotel (for the night) in Oakland together and then grabbed some dinner and then headed to bed. Our flight for Hawaii left at 7:20am the next morning!

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